if (isBlank(page)) then
	start document.write
else if (!isEdited) then
	start document.edit
	stand.behind work

Everything I write pretty much follows that flow.

If you’re here to get to know me better, please check out the “About” page. I hope, however, you’re more interested in my actions than a biography.

My current passion project is getting put together at dev.visionskills.xyz. VisionSkills.xyz grew out of visual perception classes offered at my last school. We’re putting together a diversity of exercises for people to improve the muscular side of their sight.

MS_Access_Professionals was the first technical forum I joined, and while the focus of the group is on the development of Microsoft Access applications, they’ve got a lot of great info on MS SQL Server, VBA coding, optimizing queries, and where to look for more information.

I enjoy writing and share some of my raw (OMG so raw) writing at Words by Shay. My homebody blog is at Shay Crafts, with a channel on YouTube at ShayBellaCrafts. I’ve recently begun to contribute to MorgueFile.com, and every now and again I throw a few things up on deviantArt.