I find myself quite enjoying the works of Neven Iliev, which can be found on where he goes by the username of Exterminatus.

When I read for fun, I fly through novels. I read the Belgeriad series in one sitting, which is barely over 1,700 pages in paperback. Granted, it was a long sitting, around fourteen hours. I spent a nice solid week enraptured with Iliev’s “Everybody Loves Large Chests” universe, and I can’t wait for more Audible releases of the series.

Review: Identity Crisis

Identity Crisis Identity Crisis by Kevin J. Anderson
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

The concept of this novella makes for some interesting thought poking. The introduction to the Fictionwise publication notes that the novella was developed into a full novel called “Hopscotch”. While the short story was entertaining, the concept wasn’t to my taste enough to go look up the longer piece.

Essentially, you have a world advanced enough to transfer between bodies all the mental parts that make us uniquely ourselves – memories along with personality, all that. You have a protagonist who makes a living by body swapping with people who want to get out of a bad experience – surgery, exercise, etc. And you have a client with less than perfect morals. What could go wrong?